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5 is the limit

  • Posted On: 4 October 2021
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To all of our wonderful customers an update on Happy pooches. We are licenced by Northumberland County Council and have been given a 4 star rating for our services, to get 5 stars you need to be a vet or have similar qualifications. With new rules and regulations we are only allowed to take in 5 dogs at any one time.  Thanks to Covid19 our business has changed to more daycare than boarding with not many people going on holiday and restrictions for travel.  This has had an effect on how many customers we can take on and how busy it's getting.  So for the time being we are not taking on any new customers as our books are full for daycare and limited boarding.  Any of our regular customers wanting to book for 2022 please get in touch as soon as you know your holiday dates.  We look forward to seeing you, as things get back to normal.

Many thanks

Mark & Pamela

Bookings for 2021/22

  • Posted On: 14 May 2021
  • Number of views: 141

Hope evreyone is keeping safe and happy and your dogs are coping with the madness.  Anyone wishing to book a holiday for 2021/22 please get in touch as soon as you know your dates. We are limited for space as our business has changed slightly.  With the corona virus lockdown and no one allowed to travel on holiday, we have had to take in more daycare resulting in less space for boarding. Prices are staying the same and will not be going up. Only a few select days for daycare are available at £15 per day. Between 8am and 6pm.

Hope to see you all soon keep safe and well.

Mark & Pamela

Dog walking in Blyth

  • Posted On: 21 January 2021
  • Number of views: 215

Hello to all dog owners of Blyth. We are now offering our dog walking service in Blyth.  Dogs will be walked in a small group no more than four or five.  Your dog will be picked up walked for an hour and dropped back off happy and content.  The price is £8 for one hour. This service is for the Blyth area only as we do not want dogs travelling in our van for too long. Dogs will be walked at the beach or East Cramlington Nature Park.  We will try our best to dry your dog after their walk.  Please get intouch if you need any of our services, walking, daycare or boarding.

Many thanks

Mark & Pamela 

Merry Christmas everyone ( We're still here )

  • Posted On: 23 December 2020
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Wishing all of our customers the best Christmas and New Year.  We definitley need something to look forward to after this horid year.  If anyone is brave enough to book a holiday we are taking bookings for 2021. We are also open for daycare Monday to Friday for those of you going back to work or have bought a new puppy and need their dog socialised with other dogs, at £15 per day.

All the very best hope you all have a joyful Christmas

Mark & Pamela  

Check out Woof-wiggles

  • Posted On: 10 August 2020
  • Number of views: 450
Check out the brilliant new www.woof-wiggles.com . Andy & Danielle are setting up a new daycare and dog walking service in Walker Newcastle. Also totally natural dog treats. If your dog is a fussy eater or suffers from allergies woof-wiggles will have the answer.  They have started their new adventure after getting their two new best friends Betty & Bow, they now want to spread the love to all furry friends.Have a look at their new fabulous website...