Happy Pooches News


  • Posted On: 23 June 2019
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We have sold our house and should be on the move in a few weeks time. Our new home is on Newcastle Road, Newsham just on the outskirts of Blyth, nice and easy to find with better links to the A189 and coastal routes. We are hoping for a quick move, looking for the last weekend in July if we can get the solicitors to hurry up, all should go well. We will let everyone know as soon as we move. New address and map will appear on our website. 

Happy days ahead

Love hugs

Mark & Pamela

This weeks guests

  • Posted On: 15 June 2019
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This weeks guests

Thankfully the rain has stopped and we can sit in the sun. Dogs can play out and we don't have to go through loads of towels,the washing machine needs a rest. Our guests can get outside and play in the garden find their favourite toy or just chill out.